A Superior Wood Burning Experience

At Browne's Gas Services, we highly recommend the Heta Ambition 5 Wood Burning Stove.

Using only the best materials, the Ambition has a robust body and cast-iron door of the highest quality. The stove features a larger glass for viewing the mesmerising flames, while HETA’s Clean Burn combustion is controlled by a single lever, offering superior control.

The Ambition 5 offers unparalleled levels of performance, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your wood-burning experience.

Looking for a freestanding stove? The Ambition 5 also has an easy to assemble log-store, that can be purchased separately, giving you the option to enjoy this impressive stove in any house. 

Building a new house or renovating? With the Ambitions Ø100 mm direct air connection, you can easily install the Ambition and meet all current building regulations.

The Heta Ambition 5 is currently available to purchase in our online store for only £1,199.