We take pride in the growing reputation that we have obtained as a locally-run, family business. As our reputation has spread during the past sixty years so has the range of our customers. As a result of this our customer base extends throughout County Down and beyond.

Brownes Gas Services began life in 1955 under its original name of Cecil Browne's Corner Stores. Prior to this there had been a business on the site for many years but it wasn't until Cecil Browne took over in 1955 that the business began to develop significantly.

Cecil had come from County Fermanagh with the specific intention of developing a business for himself and his young family. Supported by his wife Irene (who still works in the business) Cecil prided himself on always being able to meet his customers' needs, whatever those needs were. As a result of this the shop became an Aladdin's Cave of gas appliances and spares, hardware, household goods and groceries.

Cecil was one of a small number of retailers to specialise in the domestic gas cooking and heating market, and as such his business thrived from its inception in the 1960's. After his sudden death in 1992 his son Clarke returned to Northern Ireland to become proprietor; Clarke has been developing the business ever since and Browne's is now one of County Down's premier gas retailers and service providers.