Sahara Premium Large Patio Heater Cover

Sahara Premium Large Patio Heater Cover


Standard Patio Heater Cover

Keep your patio heater protected from the elements all year round with a durable all-weather cover.

  • Made from a heavy weight material
  • Includes a water proof inner lining, making it water and fire retardant
  • Full length zip for easy fitting
  • Using this cover will help to keep the gas nozzle and venturi free from dust and insects.
  • The perfect companion for your 15kW Sahara Patio Heater and is suitable for most large sized patio heaters. View our complete range of patio heaters for sale here.

Suitable for:

Sahara 15kW Heat Focus Patio Heaters

Memphis Patio Heater

48’000Btu Heat Focusing Patio Heaters

Tech Specs